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Search results

  1. Hixs

    Telescope Help

    France banned the sell or purchase of tabacco online. Impossible to get sticks now being a non driver. I finished off the bomb sticks many months ago 😂 they dont last long at 2-3 daily!
  2. Hixs

    Telescope Help

    Have a gander here old boy. It's basically the CP of telescopes. https://stargazerslounge.com/ Ideally you want to start relatively cheap/simple. Something like a 6 to 8" refractor. Easy to move/use and store. Many on stargazers will recommend starting out with a good pair of binoculars.
  3. Hixs

    Netflix and other shows you are watching

    The expanse is awesome. Seasons 1-2 are a bit slow, but from 3 onwards it really picks up.
  4. Hixs

    Liquor Acquisitions 2022

    Hey girls 😘
  5. Hixs

    Today's Smoke 2022

    Gone but never forgotten
  6. Hixs

    Today's Smoke 2022

    Waiting for F1 qualifying to start.
  7. Hixs

    Photo Thread

    Pics like this make me regret selling my fancy telescope. I had all the gear to do astro photography, but I was drinking real heavy back then, so was permanently pissed. it sat in a corner unused for years collecting dust before I sold it. Sobered up (mostly) now and could do with a hobby...
  8. Hixs

    Today's Smoke 2022

    Starting to appreciate LFD as a brand. I smoked 2 DL 600/700back when I started smoking in November and they truly kicked my ass, so i avoided the brand. But the earlier cab and this are not bad at all. Wsdnt as keen on the cab maduro though.
  9. Hixs

    Non-Cigar Purchases

    Picked these up used for a good price. People have been saying for years the books are much better then the tv show, so time to find out.
  10. Hixs

    Today's Smoke 2022

    I didn't care for the bishops blend. Was one of a few that didn't even survive the first 3rd. Too hardcore on the tabboco flavour for me.
  11. Hixs

    Netflix and other shows you are watching

    Dunno. Dont want another sub though, plus I've got most of their series on bluray already.
  12. Hixs

    small humidor cabinet - would this size gobble Boveda packs

    Boveda recommends 1*60g pack per 25 sticks. The more you have the better as they wony have to work as hard. Mine are 8 months old and still like new. They're being used in air tight tupperware though, so your mileage will vary as that unit wont be air tight. That unit will prob hold 300+ loose...
  13. Hixs

    Netflix and other shows you are watching

    I dont expect them to be anything other than trigger happy fun. Started watching Manifest. 2 episodes in and it's already dumb as fuck. I need some HBO back in my life. They know how to produce good tv. My Sopranos boxset has been calling me.... Seems to be some good shit on paramount+, but...
  14. Hixs

    Today's Smoke 2022

    Full mooooooooooooon
  15. Hixs

    Unhappy Thread

    Rowing machine is good for cardio. Boring as fuck though.