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Search results

  1. IngloriousBasterd

    Bingo Bomb 2022

    Who still buys printers and ink ? Haven’t owned one for years
  2. IngloriousBasterd

    Bingo Bomb 2022

    I’m in!!! Can’t figure out how to have nice typed up numbers on my phone editing so here we go lol Thanks Steve!!!!
  3. IngloriousBasterd

    CigarPass Virtual Cigar Lounge

    I will play as well: Top book: Dune, Frank Herbert (not even done with it yet but it’s so good) Top Movie : Inglorious Basterds (you can tell by my name and avatar) Top song: this was hard for me because I love so many but I’ll just pick one Black Bird, Beatles Top hot woman : Emily Didonato
  4. IngloriousBasterd

    CigarPass Reading Club

    I’m interested. Chat about it over a cigar couple times a month or once a month. I’m all for self help/ knowledge kinda books myself. How to sell, how to be a better father/ how to improve (fill in the blank)
  5. IngloriousBasterd

    Internet nerd help please

    Lol. My main email I still use is an AOL so I’m still old school. But I have gmail and I cloud and outlook as well so I set up different things with different emails
  6. IngloriousBasterd

    What Beer you drinking 2022!

    Some of the beers of Turkey day
  7. IngloriousBasterd

    Internet nerd help please

    I 2nd that. Reconnect your spectrum and it will buy you more time. At least another 3 months. I work for a telecommunications company and we turn off email accounts 90 days after you disconnect. Why should they support your email if you don’t pay them any more lol. And they aren’t in the info...
  8. IngloriousBasterd

    Happy thanksgiving!

    Happy Thanksgiving guys!!!
  9. IngloriousBasterd

    What's your latest beer purchase?

    Yeah me too. Always grab a 6 pack at least. Solid IPA
  10. IngloriousBasterd

    Non-Cigar Purchases

    That sounds interesting. Might need to give it a read
  11. IngloriousBasterd

    What Beer you drinking 2022!

    Oh yeah it’s BCBS day on Black Friday. Forgot about that
  12. IngloriousBasterd

    What Mixed Drink Are You Enjoying Today!

    Testing out my thanksgiving cocktail I’ll be serving on Thursday at my parents. Gunna pre mix it all into a pitcher and serve it punch style. Shaking it up good in a shaker kinda watered it down a bit so I think I’ll just have people pour it over rocks. Also I think I’ll kick up the sweetness by...
  13. IngloriousBasterd

    Today's Smoke 2022

    Yeah 90 is nothin. Just time to turn on the AC. Over 100 for more than 3 days and I’m complaining though
  14. IngloriousBasterd

    Today's Smoke 2022

    Lol. I wore my jogger sweat pants and a hoodie on a walk right now and it’s 62 lol
  15. IngloriousBasterd

    Today's Smoke 2022

    Way too cold for me. I’d be freezing
  16. IngloriousBasterd

    Today's Smoke 2022

    It was a pretty good stick for me
  17. IngloriousBasterd

    Happy birthday EliWayne!

    Happy Birthday Brother!!!
  18. IngloriousBasterd

    Today's Smoke 2022

    Just realized I unknowingly participated in #tattuesday
  19. IngloriousBasterd

    What’s Your Latest Purchase - 2022

    I’ll look into them nice. I have a gerber LMF 2 for my fixed blade I carry hiking and camping. Pocket knives I carry are all Kershaw
  20. IngloriousBasterd

    Today's Smoke 2022

    Good book and a great cigar this fine morning. No work yet because they still haven’t gotten me my equipment (computer) so I’m gettin paid to do nothing lol. Feels wrong but nothin I can do till I get it. Thanks for the stick @xyz123