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  1. LA Kings Fan

    Locked out of my house

    Just break into your own home. I have had to do it a few times.... its rather scary how easy it was too. :laugh:
  2. LA Kings Fan

    SoCal Herf, August 20th

    A head count would be nice Gavin, I am planning on bringing desert since there will be booze and food so I just need to know how much to bring.
  3. LA Kings Fan

    SoCal Herf, August 20th

    I am sure I can crawl out from under my rock and attend the herf, so consider myself there :thumbs:
  4. LA Kings Fan

    I need to have a word with Charley

    Thanks Charley :thumbs:
  5. LA Kings Fan

    I need to have a word with Charley

    Charley, I wanted to thank you for your generous gift. You sir are an amazing brother of the leaf. The selection of sticks is top notch and I will enjoy them in the near future. I hope to herf with you and the OC crew again and soon. Once again Charley is a great guy and thank you once again...
  6. LA Kings Fan

    Happy 50th B-Day Danny (DesertRat)

    Happy Birthday Danny!
  7. LA Kings Fan

    DoubleTree Time...Thursday the 28th!

    Sorry gents, I wont be able to make it this Thursday, I have plans the gf. Have a great cigar evening gents! :thumbs:
  8. LA Kings Fan

    Who's the best NHL Player 25 or younger

    Sid the kid gets my vote. I think he is a better all around player then the rest of the players listed. Ove "may be" more of a pure goal scorer with a toughness strike to him but I think he's a dirty player. Stamkos is amazing but he needs some time to fully grow into what he can be. By the way...
  9. LA Kings Fan


    My poor Kings went from the top of the league and fell into out of the playoff hunt in a matter of a small losing streak. :(
  10. LA Kings Fan

    Happy B-Day Charles (CRQuarto)

    I would have figured you would have said Happy Bee(dog)day! :laugh: Happy birthday Charles!
  11. LA Kings Fan


    *Runs to the closet and starts digging for the yellow head band and spandex* :D Of all the teams in the league this year there are two that scare me when they come to LA. The hated Red Wings and the St Louis Blues. The Red Wings fan invade Staples Center and they can be louder then the Kings...
  12. LA Kings Fan


    Ok so I am not dreaming it all up. but then again the lock out year was "a long time ago" and hopefully we will not have to seen another one for a long time to come.
  13. LA Kings Fan


    I am trying to remember if he was ever really on the Kings roster. I could swear he was signed over a offseason, had surgery of some sort and then never played.
  14. LA Kings Fan


    :laugh: I haven't seen the Russian Rocket's name in a long time! Man he was a good offensive player and had no notion of what defense was. Also to note his brother was such a bum, especially when he was on the Kings. I would have to venture a guess and say that he played less then 20 games as a...
  15. LA Kings Fan


    I was at the Kings game against the Devils on Saturday and it looked to me that Kovalchuck does not look comfortable in the Devils system. He had a rather lackluster game with a few shots and plenty of boo's from the fans every time he had the puck. May be that huge contract he got from the...
  16. LA Kings Fan

    Going to the Kings home opener tonight!

    Going to the Kings home opener tonight!
  17. LA Kings Fan


    All right the season has started and the hated Ducks are already 0-1. This day can not go any better then it has. On a side note, it was really really scary to hear that Atlanta's goal collapsed two minutes into the game, story Here however I am glad to hear he is done fine at a local hospital.
  18. LA Kings Fan

    I missed it!

    Congrats on the three years! As well as thank you for all the treats that you have sent my way, they were very tasty :laugh:
  19. LA Kings Fan

    herf the inland empire

    Assuming that I can peal myself away from family events I should be able to make the trip out from behind the Orange curtain.
  20. LA Kings Fan

    Long overdue review - Opus X PerfeXion X 2006

    A very great review to say the least but a very impressive smoke O picture.