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  1. Big B

    Padron and or Alec Bradley - taking orders!

    Got my order Jim, Thanks again, everything looks great!
  2. Big B


    We sailed on the Carnival Miracle about 5 years ago. That was my first cruise and had a blast. We are planning on going to Bermuda in June this year with Royal Carribbean.
  3. Big B

    I had a great day.

    Thats great! The last time I lit up a cigar there I thought they were going to hang me. I had dirty looks coming from every direction, glad to hear you were able to enjoy a couple.
  4. Big B

    10th Annual Cigarpass Opus/Anejo Superbowl Pool - 2012

    Awesome! Thanks for doing this again Ketch.
  5. Big B

    Please hug your kids tonight....

    Thats horrible. Prayers sent.
  6. Big B

    Fish tanks

    I had a 100 gallon reef for about 3 years. About the time it started to really take off we had our baby boy! Turned out that I didnt have enough time to take care of the tank and it started to slip. I decied to sell off all the livestock instead of watching it all die off. Hearing you all...
  7. Big B

    Today's Smoke II

    You all are crazy :p . I just finished a 6000 from 2006.
  8. Big B

    toolbox humidor

    Looks good, that would be a good way to hide sticks away from the wife.
  9. Big B

    What's Your Latest Purchase

    5 Illusione maduro 5 My Father Hijo 5 Tat Anarchy.
  10. Big B

    Today's Smoke II

    Very beautiful Christmas weather here. Smoked a My Father, Padron 2000 and Boli pc in the last two days. Hope you all had a great Christmas.
  11. Big B

    Hope your seeing more then us!

    Hope your seeing more then us!
  12. Big B

    Its Quack Smakin Time!

    Its Quack Smakin Time!
  13. Big B

    Slipping down the slippery slope of Handguns..

    Slipper slope indeed. Colt makes a very nice 1911, Im more or a Les Baer fan but its very hard to complain about Colt. Just wait until you start reloading your own rounds for it to achieve that 3/4 inch group at 25 yards. :thumbs:
  14. Big B

    Hey New Guy!

  15. Big B

    Today's Smoke II

    I am enjoying one of them as I type. I still like the Edicion Inaugural better, but then again its about 4 dollars more expensive too.
  16. Big B

    CONTEST - Guess my mileage

    Have a safe and fun trip brother. My guess is 5798 miles.
  17. Big B

    2011 Fuente Story, God of Fire, and Opus Lost City

    That was my understanding as well but could be wrong. I was just curious is all.
  18. Big B

    2011 Fuente Story, God of Fire, and Opus Lost City

    Just out of curiosity, why do we have to call for CP special pricing when we are reading this on CP.
  19. Big B

    Visa restrictions

    Hey, does anyone know where I put my small violin.