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  1. MrAnderson41

    What states are represented here?

    Bridgman, Michigan. Originally from White Lake, MI.
  2. MrAnderson41

    Fuente must've opened the book . . . .

    I know they've been removing shops from the books recently (my local B&M just lost their Opus account :mad:) maybe that's why they've opened the books.
  3. MrAnderson41

    Cigar disposal

    This is what I do as well. When it gets full I take and dump it out in the weeds.
  4. MrAnderson41

    No Premium Cigar FDA Exemption

    I gave up on them years ago after they had a majority...A MAJORITY...of the House as co-sponsors for a bill to exempt premium cigars from the FDA heading into a mid-term election and failed to bring it to the floor. All you'd hear about is how they got another sponsor for the bill but...
  5. MrAnderson41

    Current Regulations for Cuban Products

    I went cross eyed trying to make sense of that thing.
  6. MrAnderson41

    Justin Verlander traded to the Astros

    That was Bud Selig, the commissioner of the MLB at the time.
  7. MrAnderson41

    Ohio Herf Part Duex

    If it's within a couple hour drive of SW Michigan (St.Joe) I'd be down for making the trip.
  8. MrAnderson41

    Ohio Herf Part Duex

    Where is everyone coming from? If it was held somewhere near northwest Ohio we could almost make it a tri state herf (Michigan, Indiana, and Ohio).
  9. MrAnderson41

    12 years

    Congrats old timer.
  10. MrAnderson41

    So this happened...

    Congrats Paul. She's beautiful. She'll have you wrapped around her little finger in no time. Trust me, I know from experience.
  11. MrAnderson41

    Traveler's Herf

    The pleasure was all mine. It was nice to have some company in the man cave for a smoke. Come back anytime.
  12. MrAnderson41

    Traveler's Herf

    This is a great idea.
  13. MrAnderson41

    Traveler's Herf

    What day will you be in St Joe. I live and work in Stevensville, MI.
  14. MrAnderson41

    From Chicago to Louisville

    Any BOTL anywhere between Chicago and Louisville? I'm looking for an excuse to burn a couple days vacation and go on a motorcycle ride and figured I could maybe work a HERF into my plans if I'm passing by anybody on my way.
  15. MrAnderson41

    So this happened...

    Congratulations. Fatherhood is awesome.
  16. MrAnderson41

    MSU Coach Izzo

    Coach Izzo is great. That is all.
  17. MrAnderson41

    Well, This is Some Good News About the Impending Cigar Regulations

    This is certainly good news but it worries me that it's only one site, albeit a reputable one, reporting it based on their "sources".
  18. MrAnderson41

    FDA Reopening Comment Period Regarding New Pending Regulations

    But Gary, they had like 300 co sponsors on that bill a couple of years ago that they failed to bring to the floor for a vote to exempt cigars from FDA regulation. That has to count for something...right???
  19. MrAnderson41

    Are you interested in a CigarPass App?

    Does guesses for why my pictures are always rotated 90 degrees counter clockwise when posting from an iOS device? I've even gone in to edit the picture before posting to "anticipate" this rotation but when I do that it actually posts it the was the picture shows on my device (I.e., not rotated).