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  1. scubagrunt

    Manchester NH

    heading to Manchester NH in the next week or so any recommendations on a good place to smoke?
  2. scubagrunt

    Antique Humidor

    Funny thing about that........seems the more space you have the more boxes you need to get!
  3. scubagrunt

    HCM Beads vs. Heartfelt

    Yes please. Think it would be good to get an unbiased opinion.
  4. scubagrunt

    Antique Humidor

    I understand about the whole antique issue and as these aren't really a: that old. b: that expensive and besides I will need to modify the doors IOT keep a tight seal. I guess I really want to know if the metal will affect the ability to keep a constant humidity and will the metal change the...
  5. scubagrunt

    Antique Humidor

    Ok, need some advice. I am interested in a couple of antique humidor/smoke tables. However, I have noticed that most of them are lined with metal or copper, which I have never seen or heard of before. Doing a little research, it seems that this was done to keep bugs out. I really like the...
  6. scubagrunt

    All my life I've been like this,

    Gee don't you guys know anything about music? That's clearly Creed
  7. scubagrunt

    PACT Act

    I get the same feeling whenever I hear my doctor say the words prostate exam.....either way it's the same result.
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  9. scubagrunt

    Back after a long absence

    Back after a long absence due to work and school and glad to be back! Looking forward to renewing some friendships and enjoying the posts.............ahhhhhhhhhhhh it's good to be back.
  10. scubagrunt

    The five most dangerous things in the Navy

    Let's not forget the 2 most dangerous things in the Corps: A Private with a screwdriver and a 2ndLt with and idea
  11. scubagrunt

    Going full time

    Congrats! Doing something you love isn't considered work!
  12. scubagrunt

    Thought this was cute

    I didn't know you had met my wife :sign:
  13. scubagrunt

    Band of brothers

    I see not much has changed since then.....
  14. scubagrunt

    Fathers Day smokes?

    My boys presented me with a box of A. Fuente 8-5-8 naturals........this was my first box and coming from my boys it will always be remembered! Hope everyone has a great day
  15. scubagrunt

    Hey Jarhead

    Thanks guys, much appreciated. Family took me out to dinner with some friends (yes I actually have one or two) and afterward fired up a nice AF 8-5-8 natural and 4 fingers of makers mark! Thinking back on all the shitty places and situations I’ve been in to celebrate the b-day, makes you...
  16. scubagrunt

    Go Hawks

    Glad to see some of the GM's actually know what they are doing. Lots of good teams in the league with the potential to be great! Good for hockey and for the we need to get someone who can market the NHL so I don't have to watch it on vs!
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    oh no! it happened to me ....scored a 5er of AF 8-5-8 ....can't help it....must stop!
  18. scubagrunt

    Pens vs. Caps

    What a great game! Could have gone either way for both overtime games......either way, good hockey!
  19. scubagrunt

    Pens vs. Caps

    Going to the game tonight in DC, Caps season ticket holder.......even when these guys are playing bad they are great to watch!