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  1. Smokin'Sims

    Marathon Runners

    My favorite picture from this race is below. I had joked with my buddy running it that if Ihad the energy, I'd try to do some Deion "Primetime" Sanders high stepping near the end. After 41km, I thought I was crossing a bridge to the finish line (I had about 300m left to my surprise) and went for...
  2. Smokin'Sims

    Marathon Runners

    I had a wild idea to try and run a marathon back in May of last year. To make this wild idea a bit crazier,I decided that my first marathon should be the Himeji Castle Marathon in Himeji Japan. I live in Switzerland. So at the end of July I started train, during scout camp in Italy. During the...
  3. Smokin'Sims

    What music are you listening to currently?

    New Reel Big Fish album came out in December. With all the things that go on in my life, this one speaks to me.
  4. Smokin'Sims

    Happy Birthday Smokin'Sims

    It was a nice day. My co-workers got me 1kg of a very nice Stilton.
  5. Smokin'Sims

    Happy Birthday Bluue13

    Happy Birthday.
  6. Smokin'Sims

    What states are represented here?

    Canton Zurich, and still Texas.
  7. Smokin'Sims

    Drunk on all the love!

    Good job Paul.
  8. Smokin'Sims

    Happy Thread

    Paid off my truck today. I gave it to my dad when we moved to Switzerland, glad to not be paying on a car I don't drive.
  9. Smokin'Sims

    Today’s Smoke 2018

    Smoked a Bolivar Royal Corona ( I think, picked up at my local shop and wasn't paying attention).
  10. Smokin'Sims

    Surprised I Caught It

    I thought you caught something less mentionable. Nice hit Brandon.
  11. Smokin'Sims

    Today’s Smoke 2018

    Cuaba on the balcony today.
  12. Smokin'Sims

    Happy Thread

    The troop in Zurich Switzerland is part of TransAtlantic Council (TAC) which takes care of all the scouting in Europe, Africa, and the Middle East. They host two summer camps one in Switzerland, that happens during the Swiss school year, and Camp Volcano near Naples inside an extinct or dormant...
  13. Smokin'Sims

    Happy Thread

    Took my two older boys to scout camp outside Naples Italy for a week. Glad to be home and not trying to manage 14 teenage boys.
  14. Smokin'Sims

    Happy Thread

    I'm happy to be home. my 4-year-old is also happy I'm home. The work was a study about malaria, so I'm in the odd moral situation of I need kids to get sick for my study to work, but I don't really want kids to get sick.
  15. Smokin'Sims

    Today’s Smoke 2018

    Celebrated the end of the collection trip with a Bolivar.
  16. Smokin'Sims

    Any Gamers in the forum??

    My boys want one. I was looking in this thread for computer gaming suggestions by skipping to the end. I saw unintelligible jargon and Nintendo switch talk. Now I have to put in an effort, poopy. When I get home I'm putting together a mid-range gaming computer for them. They don't know this yet.
  17. Smokin'Sims

    Happy Thread

    I have been working in a small town in Kenya on the banks of Lake Victoria since abaout May 11. Today I'm going home. I'll be happier after the 24 hours of travel and I am home.
  18. Smokin'Sims

    Copenhagen Pipe Shops?

    Let me know how it is. I haven't made it up there yet.
  19. Smokin'Sims

    Happy Birthday Setharsis!

    Happy Birthday
  20. Smokin'Sims

    Happy Thread

    My dad had his 89th birthday on the 4th of July.