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  1. Raodwarior

    IPCPR Who's going??

    Ok IPCPR starts next Sunday the 24th...I will be there till Thursday afternoon. Who is coming out?? Will be hanging at the parties and Rhum Bar as usual, maybe a trip to Casa but way too crowded last time so may just avoid that.
  2. Raodwarior

    Rolling your own

    I have seen pictures and rolling tables from members in the past but never a thread.  Who else rolls their own sticks, lets get a thread to give blends, tips and hints.  I roll for profit and fun who else is out there.
  3. Raodwarior

    IPCPR Roll Call

    Anyone else going to be around Vegas the 20th-25th??   I will be at the Crossfire booth during most of the show, but will be out and about in the evening either at Casa or the Rhumbar at Mirage.
  4. Raodwarior

    Flatbed Cigar Comany/Panacea Event 9/22 Erie, PA

    Come join the gang at Leaf Lovers Tobacconist in welcoming Flatbed Cigar Company and Paul Bush, makers of the Panacea line to the store. Food, drinks, and of course cigar specials will abound. Sat 9/22 2pm-? Leaf Lovers Tobacconist 21 Sout Lake St North East, PA 16428 814-725-2744
  5. Raodwarior

    Lou Rodriguez interest thread

    I happen to have a Lou Rodriguez account here at the store and was suggested by another member I give the group at shot at them as well. It is a very well made boutique cigar with 4 different wrappers/blends. We currently carry the entire line and I will be willing to do, 5'ers, samplers and...