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  1. Bu11dog

    Back after long break

    Life’s been a huge kick in the ass. Gone through some really bad stuff and sort of on the other side. Deleted almost all my online accounts and anything that an ex can use against me. Almost forgot I had this place. I’m very much out of the know on whats new and good these days but I do have...
  2. Bu11dog

    Question of which Harley Davidson?

    Really having a hard time deciding. Narrowed it down to these two for the moment. Most of my riding is going to be in town or just for the day around the area. I really hope to take it on some longer trips after I get used to riding again. Haven't ridden since I was a kid on dirt bikes. I...
  3. Bu11dog

    Suspension troubles, '03 Lexus gx470

    Compressor for air ride went out. Way too expensive!!!!! Trying to find an upgraded conversion set up, not very easy. Everything I've found is standard. I'm replacing the fronts also so I want a mild performance upgrade. Any thought/help?
  4. Bu11dog

    How old are some of the cigars in your humidor?

    I just checked all my humidor's the other day and realized I have a few boxes from 2009 in there. I started smoking cigars in 2007 if memory serves me. I guess I didn't realize I had smokes that have been aging that long! I love those sampler packages that they offer around all the typical...
  5. Bu11dog

    Blade Show in Atlanta?

    Anyone going? It's the largest knife show in the States. It's like it's own ATF convention, there are lots of alcohol, tobacco (cigars out front at all times), and firearms (yes even though it's a knife show there are lots of us that carry).
  6. Bu11dog

    Let's see your Jeep/SUV/Truck/off road rigs.

    Since I'm in the middle of teaching my 15yr old how to work on the Cherokee I just bought him I figured it might be fun to see what everyone drives. First up is his Jeep...
  7. Bu11dog

    Anyone work on late '90's Jeep Cherokee's?

    Bought my son (who is 15) one for us to work out all the kinks on while he continues to learn to drive. Needed a new radiator, done, sort of... Wouldn't start to test radiator, battery charged back up, still nothing, starter was coated with layers of oil and much, replaced starter along with...
  8. Bu11dog

    Nice surprise this morning.

    A friend of mine at work knows I'm crazy about cigars and about yearly he hands me some just great cigars. Today was one of those days!!!
  9. Bu11dog

    Nice surprise today...

    A while back my boss was having a rough week and at the end of it as I was leaving for the weekend he made a comment about needing a good cigar and some craft whiskey. We have a fair amount of local places that distill/brew various alcohols but he doesn't really know cigars too well. I went out...
  10. Bu11dog

    Mold or plume?

    Not sure even though I have seen both online and in person. Should I just gently wipe it down and smoke tomorrow or toss?
  11. Bu11dog

    AR Pistols? Anyone have one? Thoughts?

    Just curious who has them?  What you think of them?  What ammo you like?  Accessories?  Etc...
  12. Bu11dog

    Could use some prayers today.

    It's never good when you are called in for a meeting. I could use some prayers for wisdom and guidance from above to help me make it through without very bad consequences.
  13. Bu11dog

    Anybody do vinyl cutting?

    I want to make my own "special edition" logo for my new to me vehicle but around here it's about $100 to get 12 of them done including converting to JPEG I have to a "vector" (I think that's what he said) format.
  14. Bu11dog

    What's your thoughts on this vehicle?

    Thinking of purchasing a 2003 Land Rover Discovery SE with 139,xxx miles   Took it for a test drive, seems to all be in order, taking it to mechanic tomorrow to see what they say. Dealer wants $7995.   I have heard all of the comments from "run far, run fast" to "buy it, they are awesome"   I do...
  15. Bu11dog

    Re-inventing a beach cruiser bicycle...

    I'm going to take this Mike's hard lemonade bike and convert it to a cigar themed. I think I have a rep from Alec Bradley convinced to send me stickers for it.  However, what are your thoughts? I'm converting the fenders to chrome and changing the pedals, obviously all current stickers are going...
  16. Bu11dog

    Starting cigar band table project...

    I'm going to turn a grill/tailgate type table into a cigar table. Problem is that the charcoal grill heats up quite a bit not to mention when it is in direct sunlight the table gets pretty hot. Is there any kind of high temp spray paint/laquer type material that can be applied once the bands...
  17. Bu11dog

    Internet/website gurus?

    Trying to set up a small website for the wife's business. We have a "free" 10mb webspace through our internet provider. I want to set her up to take credit card payments. I used to have a faint idea and new a guy who helped and did most of the work. Any sites out there that will "help me build...
  18. Bu11dog

    Friends who insist on dipping cigars

    So I have this friend who says we have to go smoke one of these days. Thing is he keeps telling me how I just have to dip my cigar into some scotch or cognac etc. I'm still new after only a year or so of cigars but I went through the acid stage at the beginning and now prefer just tobacco...
  19. Bu11dog

    Looking for sound recorder/editor program

    So back in the day I was the king of the Dell Axim's. I had all kinds of cool programs and was able to do things that my home pc's still can't do. Anyway I'm trying to download some muay thai ring music and need to edit it. Unfortunately I can't find the music anywhere but youtube so I'm looping...
  20. Bu11dog

    Surgery in 2 days

    I tore my ACL, MCL, and both miniscus on my left knee last month. Going in on Wednesday and I'm off work for a month! I'm not looking forward to the healing time on this one. I'm at least hoping to have a few good smokes while I'm down. The man corner is jonesin' for me to spend some time in it.