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  1. BlindedByScience

    Happy birthday MMBurtch

    Happy birthday...!!
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    Problems with Thompson Cigar

    Thompson's customer service, or the complete lack thereof, has been discussed many times. I made that mistake once, and only once, better than a decade ago. Never again.
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    Colorado Springs Trip 7/19-28

    Just an FYI - we're about 25 mins from PDX (pretty straight shot down the freeway), so anytime anyone is traveling through, I can usually find time for a smoke. Always glad to do so.
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    Colorado Springs Trip 7/19-28

    If you end up with a layover in PDX, there's a cigar lounge reasonably close, I'd be glad to meet up and have one with you.
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    Happy birthday Brickhouse

    Happy Birthday, Wyatt...!!!
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    Colon cancer is a drag, my friend. Not something you should put off......
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    Spam, no matter what language it's spoken in......
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    Hope you've got a good book or two picked out to pass the time.....😱
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    Can't remember the last one, as they typically use anesthesia of some kind. Makes it easier on everyone. Agreed, the prep is far, far worse then the actual procedure. No worries, you've got this.....
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    What’s Your Latest Purchase - 2019

    Agreed, great score on the BRC's..!! Fantastic production smoke, usually smoke well out of their weight class.
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    Thoughts! Happy birthday.

    Late to the party. Best wishes, hope it was a great day..!!
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    Best humidity for long term storage

    Hard to say "....higher is better..." unless it's long term storage you're talking about. The points I like to stress; one, get a good hygrometer, or two, and calibrate them regularly. Another plug for Sensor Push, they're pretty darn cool. Two, for smoking, 'dry box' your sticks and things...
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    Best humidity for long term storage

    Interesting theory. Though, my pelt coolers are about 2/3 the way to the top of the cabinet, so that's where the cold air comes from when the coolers run. Bob built me a pretty solid cabinet...temps and RH vary a little top to bottom but I can live with it. The stuff I'm aging goes in the...
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    Best humidity for long term storage

    My cabinet is tall and thin, much like a phone booth. I run ~70% in the bottom, which yields ~67-68% in the top. Works for me.
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    Mail question

    I just shred it. If the previous owner hasn't got it sorted out after three years, I can't help them. Bulk (all bulk, actually) goes right into the recycle bins.
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    New Unique Costa Rica cigars

    Their previous efforts have been reviewed. Search is your friend.
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    LCDH 25 aniversario cigar ashtray , do you like it ?

    Appreciate the offer, but it's really not necessary.
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    Any thoughts on the Upmann Anejados or Connie B's?

    I have one of those cool boxes in my cabinet. The box is cool, the smokes are even better....