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  1. smellysell

    Today’s Smoke 2019

    '97 RyJ Princess while waiting for the smoker to settle in (yes, my hands are covered in rub...). Absolutely amazing, thanks brother!
  2. smellysell

    What’s Your Latest Purchase - 2019

    If you need to unload that locker to my house, feel free, Gonz!
  3. smellysell

    The CP Make-a-Wish PIF Thread

    Oh yeah... How about a Cuban Davidoff or Behike? Seriously though, somebody seems something you think I'll enjoy and I'll be happy.
  4. smellysell

    Happy Thread

    Oh yeah!
  5. smellysell

    What Beer Did You Drink Today (2019)

    That Kool aid man snifter is amazing
  6. smellysell

    Why are my pictures always sideways?

    If I take them in landscape they post right.
  7. smellysell

    The CP Make-a-Wish PIF Thread

    Thought I could hit all the Cubans, but I only had No 1 and must have smoked my last VR. Hopefully you enjoy your package anyway! 9505512277989192207354 Supposed to be there Saturday
  8. smellysell

    The CP Make-a-Wish PIF Thread

    No worries, I'm try to get it out in the next couple days.
  9. smellysell

    How do you celebrate July 4th?

    One year when I was young, we were in my aunt's office way up in one of the high rises watching the firework show on the Detroit River. They were going off right in front of us, it was amazing. Definitely my all time favorite firework memory, and it's not close.
  10. smellysell

    The CP Make-a-Wish PIF Thread

    Need your address @Corneighdo
  11. smellysell

    Today’s Smoke 2019

    Here too haha. Had a Hab and a few puritos.
  12. smellysell

    Happy Thread

    Funny, thought you were in Helena for a second. We have a sleeping giant here too.
  13. smellysell

    MLB 13 Pool 5th Anniversary Pool Now Full!

    Got my package via John today. Thanks guys
  14. smellysell

    I know I’ve been away...

    My oldest daughter was walking around school with a stuffed animal in her shirt when my wife was pregnant with our son saying that she had a baby in her belly that her dad put there...
  15. smellysell

    Fathers Day

    We went for a drive in the mountains behind my house. Then I spent some time working on the camper before cooking dinner. Waiting for the kids to finish cleaning up and then going to play some Mexican train dominoes.