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    How to keep my port wine in a good shape?

    I'm not a big drinker but I love Ports,I usually buy a good bottle every now and then for a special occasion. I was gifted a bottle of Quinta Da Cavadinha Vintage Port 1996. Never heard of it,but after I goggle it I find out its quiet good. I have a wine cooler but it is full of cigar boxes...
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    Hydra Humidifier Problem

    I set it up in my 28 wine cooler. Its the smaller one. Its annoying as hell,every 3-5 hours it start to beep to inform me that I need to refill it with water. I thought it suppose to take days or weeks until you need to fill it up again.
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    Question about beetles

    Just wondering,do the eggs\beetles come with the cigars I buy or they (the beetles) can come to the cigars from the outside ? I had a few boxes before I got a wine-cooler that were stored in a cooler,the temp was very high,it was 8-10 months period. I checked them and they dont have holes or...
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    Xikar sheaths

    Did any of you got one after the registration on their site? I emailed them and they answered me back that they were out of stock for a while ,so hopefully they will ship me one soon.
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    Poor man Padron's porn

    While I was studying for my final accounting exam I thought that my had is about to explode if I will do any more calculations.:laugh: Suddenly I hear the door bell ringing,the mailman gave me a nice package,I opened it and that was exactly the break I needed. Got me two boxes: Padron 2000...
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    Cigars for a special occasion

    Hi guys. My father is smoking cigars for years now,he was the one that got me into this hobby. He is about to retire from is workplace after more then 45 years. I want to surprise him with some fine stogies. Any ideas? He loves the robusto size if thats help. Keep it under $300. Quick...
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    Hydra Humidifier question

    After almost a month with the new wine cooler I couldn't be happier BUT, I can get the RH up. It always stuck on 59% max. Its a 28 bottles cooler,I have 2 ponds of beads inside spread around but nothing seems to help me raise the RH. I set the temp at as high as I can ,18C,any lower then that...
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    Port Recommendations

    Well,after I enjoyed my first Port Wine, I would like to hear recommendations for some good ports. In my last visit at the local store the salesman recommended to me Ramos Pinto port 20 years. I also wanted to know,is keeping the Ports in a room temp for years will age them or as soon as they...
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    Warre's Sir William Tawny Port 10 year old

    My father bought me a bottle ,never tried it but look promising. Any good? Also can anyone tell me the difference between Warre's Warrior Port Tawny 10Y Black cork VS red cork ?
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    My new Wine-Cooler

    Here are some pics of my new Wine-Cooler,I'm waiting for more beads to arrive in order to help me keep a good RH.Right now its 60% I like my cigars to be kept in 65% RH.
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    Wine Cooler made from metal

    If the Wine Cooler is made of metal is it going to harm my cigars? I'm looking for a wine Cooler to help me fight the warm weather we're having in here ...its almost 90F :0 everyday. The RH is steady on 70% on average. A friend of mine told me that if the Wine Cooler is made of metal the...
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    H Upmann Magnum 46 Band change?

    I recently got a box of MAG46,here is a pic of the band While surfing the net I came across this extra band on them. Was there a change recently?
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    Whats the best Petit Corona ?

    I recently came to a conclusion that this is a great size for a cigar,not too small and and too big. I smoked Monte no.4 -going through a 09 box atm,not that good... I smoked Dip#4-really enjoyed it,although it had some burning issues. I have a PLPC in mind,what else do you recommend? How...
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    Any thoughts on the Monte Grand Edmundo LE?

    Anyone tried them yet and can give me some feedback on them. How are they comparing to the Sublimes ?
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    Pipes & filters

    I want to buy a new pipe but how do I know if I can use a filter with it? I'm using this filters I dont have a certain pipe in mind but just wondering,in general how can I tell if the pipe is with filter or without.or of it this filter will fit ? For me smoking a pipe without a filter is too...
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    Boxes Bar-codes

    I came across this site which allows to verify the source of your box. The only thing is that you need the Bar-code. I have plenty of boxes all from reputable and retail Habanos.S.A vendors and none of them have any bar-code except from the 6 digit code in red colour located on the seal that...
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    Whats the best EL?

    I set my eye on PSD 5 EL, what do you guys think about it? There is only one review of it by Greg and he liked it a lot. Anyone else smoke it and can give me some feedback? I already ordered Monties Sublimes but haven't tried them yet.
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    How about making a Shoutbox?

    I think it would be a great idea and will help people get faster answer or even to know each other more. What do you guys think? Just a suggestion,if its been discussed already then just lock it up. :)
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    Some new arrivals

    My top 3 cigars arrived together,I couldn't be happier :D I'm looking for something new to try. My favorite cigar is BBF,what cigars are similar to the BBF?
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    Montecristo Sublimes or Cohiba Maduro Genios

    What do you guys think? I never had any of them and I cant really decide. The Genios is much cheaper...