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  1. CMontoya79


    My mom had to be rushed to hospital post hernia surgery from last friday. Maybe pneumonia or clott. My wife remains unemployed despite her applying and interviewing for several jobs shes been qualified for and she has been extremely down, and the shit show that is a company re organization...
  2. CMontoya79

    The Freaking San Jose Sharks

    Vegas complaining, no, whining about the call at the end. Blood on the ice after a cross check. Ref made the decision. Deal with it. Honestly there should not have even been a game 7. Game 2 featured a real botched call in favor of Vegas. No goal and a BS interference penalty. Instead of going...
  3. CMontoya79

    Partagas Serie C no.3 EL 2012

    Partagas Serie C no. 3 EL 2012 5.51 inches x 48 (Corona) Wrapper, rustic looking, a beautiful reddish brown Colorado wrapper. Some veins present. Slight crack near foot going up about an inch. (Transit can be tough sometimes). Cold draw. Super woodsy. First third Opens spice bomb, red...
  4. CMontoya79

    Home theatre in a box

    Just picked this up and completed installation today after having to pick up more dossier wire to extend the precwire we got 3 years ago. Yamaha - 725W 5.1-Ch. 3D Home Theater System - Black Great sound for what it is. A nice mid grade HTIB wired system. Great for music, movies, games...
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    Nerding out!
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    Happy birthday to Vortex

    Happy birthday to one of the good fellas.
  7. CMontoya79

    CPASS 10 year anniversary

    Ten years. Time flies. I’m grateful for each and everyone of you here on Cigar Pass. Contest/Quiz time! Winner to first answer all correctly wins some super premium aged grape white owls! ;) 1) This CP brother came to my aid and helped me right the ship when I first joined. I owe him. If it...
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    Gobble gobble
  9. CMontoya79

    Macallan 12 or Glendronach 12?

    Which would you pick up? Or what other would you recommend?
  10. CMontoya79

    Rest easy, Godspeed.

    Anthony Bourdain dies at 61. Godspeed. Please. If anyone ever needs to talk. Reach out.
  11. CMontoya79

    Warriors v Cavs part IV

    Anyone willing to take Lebron and the Cavs? I’m taking my Warriors, straight up. Premium 5er minimum $75 value. Any one? First to reply here with interest gets it. Tip off is tomorrow 5/31. C’mon, no one believes in Lebron? C
  12. CMontoya79

    Why dear God? The mayhem!

    Cripes! John, I have a huge mess to clean up after I can walk again. I’ve been decimated. You’re one sick puppy. Thank you kindly for the goods. Good health, wealth, and love to you my good man. C
  13. CMontoya79

    Kansas City, Kansas City here I come. 6/15 and 6/16.

    Not much time I’m spending in KC but, headed there to pick up a new member of the family. Suggestions on best BBQ joint? Going to try like hell to stop by Outlaw and pick up some sticks. C
  14. CMontoya79

    Warriors Vs Rockets wager

    Anyone willing to take Houston? I am team Warriors. Wager is for series win. Premium 5er minimum $50 value. Reply here. 1st come, 1st serve. Series starts Monday 5/14. Must reply before tip off.
  15. CMontoya79

    Vendor selling Fuente Foundation Charity for a profit.

    Recently I got an email from a vendor who sells rare Fuentes. They were splitting up the sticks for this year’s Fuente Foundation Charity set that goes typically everywhere for $50 as it’s fir charity. I let them know they’ve been caught and they’d better make it right. Since yesterday they...
  16. CMontoya79

    Another vendor goes to “Serious Cigars”

    Welp, That’ll be another place I don’t buy from again. Tampa Humidor is now “Serious Cigars”, as it was a Casa de Monrecristo. Let’s see how many others become “Serious Cigars”.
  17. CMontoya79

    Check engine light diagnostic

    OK. Can a check engine light code change every time the car is plugged in to diagnostic equipment? That’s the kind of bull I’m trying to be fed by a shop manager. They said 2 bad 02 sensors, when the night before auto zone read bad evap solenoid vaccum stuck open rich. They eventually fixed...
  18. CMontoya79

    Jose O Padron

    Don Jose O Padron. Descansa en paz. He, Don Alejandro Robaina, and Carlos Fuente Sr. can smoke together, play some domino and have cafecito in the everafter...
  19. CMontoya79

    In New Orleans LA 12/3-12/5

    I’ll be traveling for a short stay in New Orleans LA 12/3-12/5. Any suggestions? I may not have much “free” time but any suggestions would be appreciated. C
  20. CMontoya79

    For the love of Fraggle Rock!

    Driving home, minding my own business. Then, I get to the mailbox. I’m not even fully restored from the liquified state I was put in and BLAAAAM!!!! Some sick, ruthless, son of a goat, blows me up again! AVB, aka Ray. Thank you for the selection of hots and the hitch hikers. As soon as...