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  1. grateful1

    2019 - The Masters (Golf)

    Live steam:
  2. grateful1

    Does anyone have a box stamped like this?

    I was curious as to the F46?
  3. grateful1

    No email notifications?

    Is it broke?
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    How long will this Pass take Pass!

    if I get around to it. Participant list(no order yet): thinde jfields Scap CMontoya79 Pugman1943 jbfurdog golfgar George Scott Nate1977 cody5thou gavin mmburtch The sticksL Newer = within the last 5 years Older = older than 5 years Some others are dated. I have to double check the Padron...
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    She wants a Mini-Van!?

    She likes the Honda EX-L (2016-2017 models). Anyone work for Honda want to sell me one! (oh - she want's leather seats - and we have 3 dogs!) *sigh
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    Flashlight question - SAR thrower...what are you using?

    My wife is getting the pup ready and trained for SARs (Search And Rescue)....I need to find her a good spot/thrower light that she can carry. Light and battery/charger suggestions appreciated. Currently we have some lights that handle CR123's...but am considering getting some 18650 high...
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    Found it - Does anyone know what kind of boots these are...

    I think the missus may like these - but I don't know what they are! Thanks!
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    Home security

    Any suggestions on a min 4 camera set up - no monthly fees - looking for outdoor wireless with night vision. I came across this - seemed reasonable - any suggestions...
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    Spinners - Really?

    Thoughts. Do you use one / have one / don't care! :D I grabbed an Atwood this week...and I don't even have time to spin it's on the block. DOH!
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    Made In Havana Cuba...for realz?

    This was a gift to me. Has anyone ever seen the like?
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    TallPaul's making a run on the list....

    ...long way to go yet...but's he's gaining!
  12. grateful1

    Spammers/Hacks 4-24-17

    I sent an email to Rod.
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    When you try to do something nice...

    ...and get walloped with a pack of fine cigars for it! Thanks Tone!
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    Stanford's 90th Leather Travel Humidor

    Does anyone have an idea regarding current price(new in box)? ...edit... No Cigars.
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    e-cigar cartomizer pass

    Kurt brought up a great idea here - LINKY! -------------------------------- Thought about sharing some vape, then this pass is for you! Gauging interest. Batteries Not Included!
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    CP front page Any reviews post 2014?
  17. grateful1

    JHawk - donations

    Well, since this was posted on a open crowdfunding site, I think it can be posted here. The brief (from the page) : "In the span of a couple weeks, my friend, Jon Heim, and his family have had their worlds flipped upside down. An extremely aggressive lymphoma has invaded his body, been mostly...