07 Quintero

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So I finally circled back to the original Quintero. I’m interested to see how this will taste like given the last week of trying different small format Cuban cigars. I haven’t looked back at my notes when we read the review so in a sense I’m kind of doing this fresh, without prior influence. It starts off little bit of spice on the retro hale. I’m tasting some semi sweet chocolate now. The flavors probably influenced by @CigSid, if you remember his comments for the prior review (https://www.cigarpass.com/community/threads/06-trinidad-petit-corona.80275/ ) . The last third of the cigar tastes like Dunkin’ Donuts coffee with extra cream, no sugar. This cigar is really good! How could it have changed from my first review? Perhaps its the extra dry boxing, or the prior experiences with the prior 6 cigars. I don't know, but when I go and look back these categories I'm sure have changed:
Construction: very good
Taste: Spice at first, then semi sweet chocolate, then finally coffee with extra cream.
Opinion: ITs very good, i definitely dig it.
Strength: medium
Would I buy it: yep, GB or box purchase would depend on price.
Would I smoke again: yep IMG-2808.jpg


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Very nice, you are starting to get it... would love to see your take on a 10 yo (well taken care of) PLPC, PSD4 or Monty 2


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The Dunkin’ Donuts coffee description had me rolling, but I love how you compare flavors and keep it real.

Side note: I am completely in for a group buy/pass after all this is said and done.