09 Quai D'Orsay No. 54

cabaiguan juan

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This starts out as mild, and a tight draw. The best I can come up with is cream and vanilla but its so subtle and that makes it harder for me to find that talcum powder. You know, a cigar this big has got no business being this mild. The cigar opens up a bit more one third in, and the cream maintains its prominence but now I'm getting a little bit pepper. The tight draw returned and after working with it for another inch, i gave up with an inch and a half left.
Construction: hard to draw.
Taste: Subtle cream and vanilla which then added some pepper.
Opinion: The tight draw took away from the experience, but even if it didn't the mildness wouldn't have made it my cup of tea.
Strength: mild
Would I buy it: No
Would I smoke again: NoIMG_2815.jpg


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I do get the cream with these, and yes, they are mild. I do not care for the latest QDO’s... but I haven’t tried the 19’s yet.


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I haven’t tried many of these TBH. I’ve had two 2018/2019 that were milder with more pepper. Wasn’t all around impressed but they were also super young, so take my opinion with a grain of rice compared to the pros


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Sorry, just getting around to this now. The QdO is, to me, definitely on the lighter side and now as flavorful as most other CCs I've smoked. Pretty much every CC I do smoke is young -- I'd say '18-'19... maybe 2017 at the oldest. The ten-box of 50s that I have is a 2019. For my own tastes and preferences, I've never been really impressed with QdO. Most did seem to not have an optimum draw, as you have experienced, as well. I'm going to try and forget about the remainder of the box. I suspect that QdO is a cigar that really needs some time on it before it is incredibly enjoyable.

Just my .02...