12 Bolivar Coronas Gigantes (POS ENE 2007)

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This is the final cigar in this review Group. Its the only one were I know the factory code and date. I hope that helps with the feedback from folks. The draw is perfect. Not tight or loose. Its exactly in my preference range. It started out medium, with wood and pepper. It shifts to like a spicy orange cream flavor few inches in. Makes me wish we had an Ice Cream truck in the neighborhood now. The cigar finished with white pepper. The cigar, while fantastic, was quite long. Maybe 2 hours to smoke!
Construction: Fantastic.
Taste: Wood and pepper to spicy orange cream to white pepper.
Opinion: It was really good. A great cigar to end this review series on. I should retire on this high note.
Strength: medium
Would I buy it: I don't even know if I can, but I'd definitely revisit it if the opportunity allowed.
Would I smoke again: Probably, but I wish it was shorter.IMG-2825.jpg
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A fave of mine. I can’t say I’ve ever noticed orange cream, but everything else you said was spot on. Very disappointed Habanos SA discontinued these. I immediately socked five boxes of them away after they did. Such a great cigar!


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Definitely one of the best production cigars to come out of Cuba. Also, one of the best box codes... I smoked one of these in anticipation of your review, with the same code (probably from the same batch)
I should have checked the picture (a bit blurry)

Here are my notes:
1st third, just a bit of dark chocolate, and a bit of cream, nice smooth earthy finish, just shy of medium.
2nd third, dark chocolate is up front, with a creamy coating on your tongue that lingers long after the smoke is gone... solid medium.
Last third, big change, chocolate disappears completely, I get a citrusy/twang that is very enjoyable although fleeting... finishes medium plus

I can see how you can pick out the orange cream, it surprised me (in a good way) when I read that 😊

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Another enjoyable review! This series was a pleasure to follow and brought up some good questions/answers. Thanks for sharing it with us 😎


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Thank you Jon, I enjoyed following your adventures. Now I know to stay away from the talcum powder and hunt for the creamsicle.