1961 Partagas Habanero


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This review is on the Partagas Habanero, one of the longest lasting cigars of this brand, now over 70 years and still going…

I was looking for my 90’s Habaneros for someone who had asked about spicy Cuban cigars, and stumbled across these… Wow, when I opened the box and took a whiff… it was pure bliss… very mature tobacco, spicy peppers and just a hint of coffee… the year, 1961. Still Pre-Embargo. Perfect condition…


Pre light: bitter chocolate, with a red pepper spice on my tongue.

Just a tiny little cut on top of the cap, and the draw is perfect. The box press is apparent, and the wrapper is very smooth, with no visible stems or veins.


The very first puff brought lots of creamy smoke, slight bittersweet chocolate and just a little bit of pepper on my tongue.

These 50 plus year old cigars need to be finessed and pampered, instead of sucking on them, “sip” on them. Savor every puff, and analyze the experience using all of your senses. Use the utmost care for the entire duration of the smoke, and you will be well rewarded…

During the first third, the draw started getting tight, so I clipped just a bit more off the cap. I was careful and took my time so as not to crack the head, which is so easy to do on these old cigars, and the draw is now perfect again…

First few puffs, light flavors at this point in the cigar, which is very common with pre embargos because of the oils evaporating on the exposed end of the cigar, but you can discern chocolate, coffee and the slightest hint of spice, kind of a prelude to what’s coming…

It was right about 1 inch mark when this cigar came alive… strong earthy creamy coffee with a slightly spicy finish… great cigar so far. These cigars are so smooth, you can retro hale every puff, and I am 😊


Around the halfway mark is when the spice (remember this cigar is called “habanero”) started increasing. I started tasting the spice through the retro hale, very slightly, and on the tongue and mouth.

Every puff increased in intensity. The cigar started out very light, after an inch, solid medium, and now medium plus… It’s amazing after all these years, there is still some kick.

Try to pick a time to smoke your special cigars when you can have the entire time dedicated to that cigar. Make it memorable, live in the moment.

In the final third now and the spice is really picking up. I was able to retro the entire puff earlier, now I get about halfway and the spice starts to burn just a bit, and I let the rest out of my mouth. The same earthy creamy coffee is there, but more intense. Did I mention this was a great cigar? The finish is so long, it just keeps going…

About an inch and a half left and I need to cut the tip of the cigar where the tar has accumulated. I give it a little clip, and slightly blow into the cigar (this is called purging) and take a puff… Wow! That was intense… I am taking long draws with massive amounts of smoke, bitter chocolate is abundant along with the prominent habanero finish. (finally, I can actually taste the habanero)


It only lasts for a few more minutes, and at the very end I get the last change, bitter almond, with a rich leather finish.


This really went out in style…

  • Time of smoke 55 minutes. (a cigar this size normally takes me about 30 minutes)
  • There was a bit of heat on my tongue for an hour after I finished this cigar.
  • These cigars were machine made until 2002
  • Score 97/100 (amazing)

H. Vachon

Salty Bastard
Awesome review! Thank you for sharing this experience with us. This cigar was rolled the year my mother was born 🤯


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70 year old cigar?! I'm happy when I can get 5 years and elated when I get 10 years. Trouble is I can never find the right occasion to smoke them. Great review. Although I must say I really wanted to see a salute to talcum powder.