2015ish Johnny O Perfecto


Dec 4, 2015
Its been about 5 years since I purchased a sampler pack from Johnny O. Today I decided to light up one of the perfectos while watching an episode of The Sopranos with my brother. It's his first viewing of the series and I'm enjoying rewatching it. He lit up another Johnny O custom from the same batch, a flying pig, not pictured.

The wrapper is a rich and oily colorado and rolling it in my fingers it feels and sounds just right in terms of moisture. Aromas of hay, honey, and peanuts. Upon clipping the cigar I encountered a fairly tight draw and a dry inhale of golden syrup or honey and nuts.


Once lit and lightly puffed, light and creamy peanut butter chocolate flavors emerge, followed by toasty biscotti and mocha. I opened my beer at this point, having brought out a peanut butter milk stout in anticipation of flavors similar to the dry aroma. The maltiness of this beer is accentuated by the smoke and the cigar's flavors of light toasted tobacco and golden syrup are more noticeable.


About this time the small amount of clipped surface area gummed up and the draw became too tight. I clipped a bit lower and knocked ash off in the process. The flavors at this point were predominantly of toasted tobacco and roasted peanuts with some black coffee. Upon slowing down my smoking a bit the black coffee was joined by some sugar and cream. More toasted tobacco and nuttiness too.


Still smoking quite slowly and entering the final third I get some more peanut butter and milk chocolate, which progresses into lots of buttery black coffee. Notes of burnt Snicker's bars segue into bitter cacao nibs as I nub the cigar.


Delicious and complex stick, wouldn't mind a few boxes of these. One of the more dessert oriented cigars I've ever tasted and for me would be in the same league as a San Cristobal.



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Jul 9, 2007
baby Salomon/President? with a Snickers bar inside. Sounds about right. Great review and pics. John