2022-05 Tatuaje La Riqueza 2022

cabaiguan juan

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Aug 30, 2006
Back in the day, these were plentiful and regular production. Then sometime in 2017, that all stopped. The magical river of La Riquezas stopped flowing and the people of Cigar'ville got sad. Hard times fell upon them and the world went dark and grey. Then in 2022, the magical dragon of Demand flew in and moved a giant boulder and the La Riquezas began trickling down the stream again.
At least that's what I read on the internet. After the lack luster Blue's, I wanted something from Pete that would be good to great. So this got moved up in my plan of attack.
1/3: Burnt ends crust and chocolate right off the light. A promising way to start! This then morphs to that of a good steak, with a side of salted pretzels.
2/3: Steak. Probably Rib eye with some EVOO and salt/pepper.
3/3: Bread dough. I get a little bit of saltiness so does that make it pretzel? I need someone with a bread maker to give me the rules on what makes it a pretzel verses regular bread. Should have asked on the VHerf. I would have had 10 people to ask!

Thank you magical dragon! I hope the river gets restored and the flow of La Riquezas returns to its pre-2017 level. I had forgotten how much I liked these and this limited edition really hit the spot.20220917_200753.jpg


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Apr 22, 2021
I like 'em, makes it hard to stay out of my stash! Not sure I get "rib eye" out of them, my palate is more along the lines of Like/Tolerate/Don't Like