A few barware items arrived today . . .

Nothing spectacular or anything. o_O

But on my last trip to Austin for work, I had some Hendricks Gin and Ketel One vodka martinis at the hotel bar, and remembered how much I actually like a good traditional (dry) martini. Also, I haven't made mojitos in awhile, and I love mojitos. I'm thinking it's time to fiddle around a bit with mixology.

So I got a set of mojito glasses with a wooden muddler, and a set of stemless martini glasses that will be good for a few other things, and a new stainless steel cocktail shaker (my last one was glass and I blew it out with a too vigorous shake, lol) and of course, I still have my late Forties Osterizer blender. I'm ready to try a few things!

I know how to make martinis, mojitos, Bloody Marys, Salty Dogs, Rusty Nails, White Russians, Moscow Mules, Cuba Libres, Tequila Sunrises . . . and not much else. Any suggestions, favorite recipes, or good websites?

I wanna get my Don Draper drink on. :D



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No suggestions but to try your favorite sipping rum in one of those stemless Martini Glasses. I'll never go back, but of course, that's my palate...I'm a lightweight. If you do try it, let me know your opinion.
I was thinking that actually . . . I have some Zafra 21 on the shelf and some Ron Matusalem 23 coming in the Scotch Buy. I have Glencairns for my Scotch and was thinking about adding some bourbon glasses also. The martinis look like they'd be good for something . . . fragrant. ;)

With rum I've been pouring a finger in the bottom of my doubles glass, "Boardwalk Empire" style. We'll try them out!


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Mixed drinks are coming back! My suggestion is try a brandy Alexander, if you can tolerate the cream. Great desert drink.

Mixed drinks are coming back! My suggestion is try a brandy Alexander, if you can tolerate the cream. Great dessert drink.

Ages ago---I was 18 at the time---I stayed at the Salishan Lodge on the Oregon coast with my folks. Great place. Dungeness crab something three meals a day! Dad had a work conference there, and after that we drove up to Port Orchard, Washington to visit his parents.

At any rate, one night I discovered the hotel bar and they served me. Having only had swigs from swiped or smuggled bottles of this or that up to that point in life, and having been raised by tee-totalling fundyrollers, I didn't know anything about cocktails---the bartender made me a daiquiri, a pina colada, a brandy Alexander, and a grasshopper. :rolleyes:

They were all delicious, but the next morning was NOT fun! o_O

As bar ware goes, the coolest thing that I have picked up recently is a set of stainless steel martini glasses. They hold cold much longer than any glass ones that I have used, plus they just look cool. Drink up and drink what you like...