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Any graphics artists here?


One Leg Of Fury.
Apr 29, 2011
I have an idea for a design I want to submit to www.blipshift.com for a shirt, but don't have the means to "draw" it up, myself. BlipShift sells user-designed automotive/racing themed shirts and apparel. If we come up with something to submit, I'll repay you for your time and effort with some communist tobacco. The chosen designs get a small compensation when they are picked for a run, and if our design is chosen for a run, I'll send some cash and a nice care package your way. If anyone is slightly interested, take a look at BlipShift to get an idea for the style of design they go for, and then hit me up via PM for the details of my idea.

Thanks in advance!

cabaiguan juan

Ex pizza guy now turned janitor.
Aug 30, 2006
Check out 99 Designs: 99designs.com
I’ve never used them but it may be an option for you. They have a Start a Contest as a way to let graphic designers work for you and then you pick what you like.


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Oct 11, 2006
I occasionally rearrange the bodies to make the content more graphic. There's some artistry in that.