Aristoff Maduro Robusto

Just finished smoking one of these a few minutes ago. Man, what a tastey cigar. It is medium bodied and smoked perfectly from start to finish. A great Dominican cigar with a brazilian maduro wrapper that is sure to please the palate and not threaten the wallet.


I’ve enjoyed the Cameroon (black) robustos. I think they are fairly strong with an unusual spiciness that I assume is due to the wrapper. I like the size too. A little bit narrower and a little bit longer than your typical robusto. They have a bit of an edge to them that I assume will mellow with age. Definitely a great smoke for the price.You wanna trade a couple Cameroon’s for a couple Maduro’s?


If you like the Aristoff Black lineup
of cigars, which I do, JR has the
Robusto size on sale for &#3649.95 per
box of 24. This includes the Cammies
in the round and the box pressed as well the maduros. It is one heck of
a good buy.