Arturo Fuente Anejo No. 50


Growing too fast.
Ah yes, an Anejo No. 50, nice way to wind down the evening. The wrapper is a dark brown with a very deep oiliness to it and although veins are visible throughout, the cigar is still quite smooth. It’s very firm when pressed between the fingers and has a hefty weight in the hand for its size. With the cap punched with the medium ring on my knife, I find the draw with a good bit of resistance, however probably perfect for this cigar. There’s a very good sweet flavor left on the lips from the wrapper.

I fire up the foot and with a couple of puffs the embers are glowing nicely. My first draw is very good with a perfect spice hitting the back of the throat and the medium body spot on for my palate. The smoke is smooth and very rich leaving an incredibly good taste on the tongue when exhaling. Tastes of freshly baked pumpernickel bread, sweet and delicious with a raw honey and old, worn leather.

The cigar is performing excellent with a solid, sharp burn and the ash a medium to dark gray. Smoke is flowing well even though the resistance in the draw is rather slow. I’m thoroughly enjoying the rich flavors coming through and the lasting finish that make me smack my tongue and lips.

As I type, the sky is a menacing dark gray with rain pouring and the wind gusting ferociously. It’s actually making me slightly nervous it’s gusting so hard. Strange, as after about ten minutes, the wind dies down completely. Not even a leaf stirring now, just the sound of rain dripping of the house. Strange indeed. The wife just came out with a paci in her mouth, funny.

Heading into the halfway mark, the draw really started tightening up. A lot of times when that happens, I squeeze the cigar with my teeth while drawing and it helped a little in this case, however I decided to go ahead and punch out the cap with the largest ring. It helped a little, but not much.

This is one very good cigar! There’s a flavor I’m getting that I’ve tasted on one other Anejo before, however I just can’t think of how to describe it. I know it’s sort of a vanilla taste, but it almost reminds me of….bananas! Yes, I said it. It has a banana taste, lol. Kind of like a banana milkshake. Yeah okay, so I’ve got a weird palate. :D Nevertheless, the flavors are incredibly rich and the finish is excellent. Loving this thing!

Alas, all good things must come to an end, and so did this Anejo No. 50. There was some tar that built up as I expected it would with such a tight draw. Luckily, none got on the tip of the tongue (thank God) as that is some really awful stuff. This was, I believe, the best Anejo I’ve had to date. What a fantastic smoke!



I love you Rocky & Sammie and Bee...thank you
The 50's are great smokes and probably in my top 3 right now. Thanks for another great review Greg!


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Hey Greg whats up with the pacifier..>>??



Jeff B.

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Great review. Glad to see your cat enjoyed the Anejo as well! To date I've only smoked the #55 and loved it. I've got a #48 from 2005 in my humidor that's got burn down at some point!


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Nice review! :thumbs:

I had a #50 last weekend and very much enjoyed it, as always. It might be my favorite of the Anejo line because it seems to always be consistently on every time I enjoy one.