Ashton VSG 20 year Salute (2007)


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Thanks to an amazing brother, I will be reviewing this cigar today. D0C0639E-F618-4E7B-A258-9F36AFB566C3.jpeg
Minimal veins on this bad boy. Taking a whiff reminds me of a barn that someone dumped coffee all over.
Start: 1925
Drink: water and periodic shots of jack daniels between the thirds for a “palate cleanser”:cool:
Dry taste: tastes kinda like coffee left out for a while, in a good way, some straw and chocolate
Initial puffs: some bread, mild to medium pepper but a delicious taste with it, some leather and cream coming through near the end of the initial phase
Retro: I kinda taste a little apple, more leather
Strength: Med-Full
1st third: it’s toned down a little into medium strength and is now beginning to turn towards a creamy leather, as with some of the other Ashton’s I’ve tried, one side tunneling but I’m avoiding touch up to see if it corrects itself
Retro: bread now with a little pepper but an enjoyable pepper, some retros are spicier than others which I’ve never experienced before, amazing so far
Strength: Med
Amazing artwork on this thing. Now into the 2nd third: as you can see there are no touch ups needed, buttery, creamy, mild pepper now and thoroughly enjoyable, more leather
Retro: leather and mild pepper, amazing cigar to retrohale throughout with this age
Final third: man I miss this thing already, still creamy with medium pepper now but tastes delicious still, nothing overbearing, leather is still here too
Retro:medium pepper, just now starting to burn a little but love the creaminess attaches to it
Strength: Med-Full

Man this thing was amazing. Really appreciate the opportunity to try this @jfields. End time was 2225


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Excellent review, Brad!

I stopped smoking the VSGs about 10 yrs ago when I thought the quality/price ratio dipped. Subjective, I know. Perhaps they are worth a revisit.

I seem to recall a VSG Corona Illusion (no relation to illusione). I think the perfecto was named Enchantment. About the size of a BTL.