Audew JC-23C1 Humidor Lighting Project


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May 15, 2021
I just have to toy with my toys. As I was shopping for a my Audew JC-23C1, I saw a YouTube video of a buy who added LED lights to his New Air humidor. Given how simple it is to do this, I had to do it. I chose a USB powered LED strip. Rather than making holes in the humidor, or soldering into the built-in dome light, I chose to run the flat cable behind the weatherstrip at the bottom of the door. The weather strip is attached in a channel for replacement if needed. This made it easy to pull a small portion of the striping out of the channel enough to position the flat cable behind the weather strip and tuck the weatherstrip back in the channel. The LED strip is very thin, which allowed me to fold the strip at the corners to form a rectangle of the LED strip, starting and ending at the lower corner of the door. The LED emits Zero heat into the humidor but allows just the right amount of light behind the heavily tinted class for a nice presentation, or to easily see the Hygrometer readings. The lights are controlled by a small flat controller module and IR remote control panel. The controller module is as thin as a couple sticks of chewing gum and sets under the humidor with plenty of room. All in all, less than 10 minutes of work. Fun little project.

There are lots of similar LEDs. This is the specific item I used for this project.