Bill's Back contest Edmundo Dantes Conde 109


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A few years back, a great man once gifted me a few extremely rare cigars with some notes of his liking. Well I have been saving this for a perfect day and a perfect reason to smoke it. This cigar was noted as one of the best, if not the best, cigars he had ever smoked…and he was generous enough to share with a guy like me. The cigar; 2007 Edmundo Dantes El Conde 109, an edicion regional for Mexico. Thank you again Bill, I hope I don’t let you down!

View media item 12347View media item 12348Pre light.
Perfect draw
Smell and cold draw of smooth rich Tobacco. Leather. Fresh sweetness of Cuban late nights

View media item 12349View media item 123511st 1/3.
Huge amounts of smoke on every draw. Not only with each draw do I get a large mouth full of smoke but also flavor. A slight white Pepper spice hits the tongue first. But that is mixed with some smooth leather and oak. It's like I'm smoking some of my fancy beard oils. It's incredible.

I can't emphasize enough how slight but brilliant that hint of pepper is. I'm a tat whore so I love me some spicy smokes, but this is just a great balance.

View media item 12353View media item 12352I am About half way and the burn is getting just slightly uneven but not terrible. The spice is gone and replaced with some more amazing undertones of leather mixed with oak! This has been such a creamy full smoke cigar with each draw, I have not had too many like this! The strength is picking up but not too heavy. Still enjoying the full draw of what is maybe a woody/earthy tasting note mixed with the lingering leather hints that have stayed consistent. I'm not sure where the sweetness went to from the cold draw, but maybe that will come later as I'm just going beyond that half way point. (I wish I could start over as this has been one of the best cigars I've ever had the pleasure to review).

View media item 12354Ahhh there we go. Just barely past half way and here comes the sweet cream and then some cedar sneaks in. Final third is starting off how we started. Smooooth. The sweetness didn’t last long, but boy was it amazing when it was there. Now the woodyness earth smoke has taken over and is strong with each draw. Again the amount of smoke with each draw is huge and so enjoyable. Not at any point has this cigar gotten harsh as I approach the end. For a cigar this big, it's on point to finish cleanly. View media item 12355
View media item 12350As I get to the end I wish I knew a way for a taxidermist to reconstruct this cigar, stuff it, and then I'd hang it in my wall of fame....I'll save all the ashes just in case that spurs an idea in someone and they figure it out! :)

View media item 12356Burning my finger tips was well worth it! Final score is easily a 5 out of 5! It is not everyday you get a treat like that, so again I say thank you Bill; I still remember the day you randomly sent me those cigars and it came at a perfect time as I was going through some rough stuff! So thanks for making that day special as well as today!


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I haven't had the Conde 109 but I did have the other Mexico regional I picked up off the board. That was an amazing cigar. Sounds like Mexico is getting some great stuff.


Love this place...
Great review on one of my all time favorite cigars...

I very glad you enjoyed it, and that you shared it with us :)