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:) Now, this may sound outlandish but today I took down my tupperdor from my last pass which has been sealed since arriving here over amonth ago. Creedo inside, cigars in plastic baggies. Almost 1/2 of the cigars inside showed bloom, not mold...I KNOW the difference ;) It was amazing how much bloom were on some of them. A Super Beli Opus was covered up. Although some showed no signs of bloom, most had at least some bloom on them. This was really cool as I had never seen so many cigars with bloom in my life. Must've been ideal conditions for aging. Good thing is that the tupperdor was sitting on top of my storage coolers (ISOM and Others) so they must be doing well also. :thumbs:

Well, needless to say, I'm a happy camper and just thought I'd share it with y'all and see if anyone else has encountered this or had any thoughts on the phenomenon!!



I have had this happen with my tubed cigars. If I buy tubos that have a cedar insert, then I just toss them into a tupperdor. Something about keeping them sealed tends to accerate the process.



I have purchased cigars with bloom on them before (Acid KMV, La Unica #300) but have not yet had the skill to culitvate it myself. From the way that you guys are talking, I think I may keep my 'gars in their tubes, plastic, etc. when I get them from now on.

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Gold de bloom??!! LMAO Nope, unfortunately just your standard old bloom.

Sorry guys, I'm too lazy to set up a picture site to post pictures on! ???


How many times do I have to tell you, the green color is not bloom...LMAO

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HEY bro, this is not green, it's a bluish color. BEsides, I'm red/green color blind!!!! BWWAAAHHHAA :sign: :sign: :sign: :p
We always knew you were a "blooming idiot," Worm. ROFLMAO :D

Just kidding, just kidding. I just couldn't resist. :lookup:

Welcome back bro. ;)

S. :sign:

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lMAO @ Moron!!! :p :sign:

Glad to be back, bro, glad to se you back around as well!!! ;) :thumbs:


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BW I just got back from vacation and opened up my igloodor to my suprise I see unusual stuff on my cigars. I have never in 10 years had this happen so how do you tell bloom which sounds to be favorable and mold which is
as my buddy Dave has so pleasantly put this condition. If it is the later can you salvage the cigars ???