Blu-bacon dip AKA "Crack in a bowl"


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1 8oz tub of whipped cream cheese
3/4- 1 cup of crumbled blue cheese
1 cup sour cream
1 teaspoon hot prepared horseradish
1 small onion minced
1 tablespoon of Italian seasoning
6 pieces (or more!) of crumbled pepper bacon (can use regular if you don't want it so spicy)
Hot sauce (added at the end)

Mix everything together in a food processor or just stir the hell out of it, add hot sauce to taste.
Let the dip sit overnight in the fridge

Pig out.
After making what seems like at least 100 bowls of this now I've come up with a few changes you might want to try.  First, I don't use pepper bacon anymore as with the hot sauce you can't tell anyway. Second, I've gone up to a full pound of bacon (minus one or two strips I eat), Third, I don't cook the bacon until it is crispy but almost there.  My food processor leaves slightly bigger pieces if it isn't crisped and has a better texture in the bowl. Forth, I'm using a cup and a half of sour cream as it helps to keep the whole mixture a little softer so the chips don't break as much on the bacon pieces now.. If you try these out sometime LMK what you think.


Jesus of Cool, I'm bad, I'm nationwide
Even better if you can let is sit for TWO days. There isn't going to be any left to make it to three days though.
Yummy. I'm going to have to substitute Neuchaftel for the cream cheese (I don't know why it makes a difference, but cream cheese tears me up and Neuchaftel doesn't) but I'm definitely going to make a batch of this over the holidays. :thumbs:

Bacon . . . :love:



Jesus of Cool, I'm bad, I'm nationwide
I could make this every weekend. Of course I wouldn't fit through the door after awhile :laugh:


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Made this Saturday for Sunday, and it was a huge hit. Made a good topping for burgers at one point during the day. Thanks for the recipe, Ray.


Jesus of Cool, I'm bad, I'm nationwide
Got a double batch in the fridge now. I wonder how much will actually make it to Super Bowl time :whistling:


Jesus of Cool, I'm bad, I'm nationwide
Made a double batch of this last might not make it to the cookout on Monday :p