Cabinet Humidor Drawers Humidity Issue


New Member
Jun 1, 2020
Hi been having some issues lately with my cabinet humidor drawers as they've been holding way to much humidity in them.
Some drawers where i keep a hygrometer are reading anywhere from 71-73% rh (yes the hygrometers are calibrated correctly) but the rest of my cabinet from top to bottom is reading from 64-67 rh throughout. And i know the issue is probably due to bad airflow from the bottom of the cabinet and through the draws as i am holding a lot of cigars in the drawers and don't really have any other place to put them. Wondering besides removing cigars/boxes and putting them in a another humidor if anyone has any tips or ideas as to regulating the rh % in the drawers.
I've heard of people using kitty litter in pantyhose or a sock inside the drawers to draw out some humidity.
I was thinking just buying some heartfelt beads and putting them in a mesh baggie inside each drawer to draw out some of the humidity.
If anyone has any tips or advice I'd greatly appreciate it.

Cabinet has 15 draws total 12 small drawers and 3 larger ones.