Cabinet Humidor


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Hi new to the site but not new to cigars except for the problem that I'm currently having. I've always had desktop humidor and some small display ones but my collection has gotten to big and I decided to purchase a cabinet humidor that holds ''3000'' cigars with the magna 3.0 setup and i seasoned it for about 2 weeks and it held humidity perfectly with the higher shelves having higher rh and temp by 1-2% then the middle and lower shelves which i know is completely normal due to humidity and hot air rising. But now after it being seasoned after going on 2+ weeks its the opposite i have higher rh % on the bottom shelving and lower on the top if anyone has any info id greatly appreciate I'd love to know how to stabilize the rh on top and if anyone else has had this issue. PS. I also have two small xikar fans in the unit to move air around waiting on the fans for the magna to come in still wondering if air circulation is the problem have checked for leaks as well cant seem to find any and it certainly wasnt a problem when i had the unit seasoning the cabinet. And the cabinet is also empty haven't moved my sticks in the unit yet. Top shelf - 74f 64% rh
Bottom shelves - 71&72f 68-70% rh


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It is to be expected. Once the boxes are in there you'll have an idea how the cabinet will function long term. I wouldn't worry about the difference between the top and bottom rh. It occurs in all cabinets so no need to worry, also you'll see differnces when the seasons change. Good luck and check out all the different posts on the subject.