Calling all from Maryland and DC


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Hey guys,

I moved down to Baltimore for the last year and a half from NY. So where are my Maryland and Washington DC brothers and sisters??

I'm I'm Ellicott City, MD


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A weekday evening would work for me, but I'm not sure where to suggest.
If you're up to it Steve..... My house is an alternative..... Jeff (Cigarstone) has been talking about coming down the weekend of the 9th from Ohio. We can HERF at my house in the Fredericksburg area on that Saturday. I'll even let Rob come over. ;)


Dang it! I'll be on a plane to CA on Sat morning. I don't normally travel on the weekend, but it's birthday ball season...


The Broke Smoker & 2006 Ash Standing Champion!
I'll see..I'll try and make that.. I think my office may be having it's Christmas party that day.. so idk yet


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I'm up in Aberdeen every other week, usually Monday through Thursday. I'd be interested in getting together for a smoke.