Casa De Montecristo (Manhattan 2nd Ave , New York City)

So I took a trip to New York last October to catch a concert. I stayed for 3 days. So why not explore what the city has to offer. It's my first time being outside of Sunny Florida. So why not experience a total different weather and atmosphere. First thing in mind i'm in New York there's gotta be a cigar place near! Looked up the nearest and it was the Nat Sherman Townhouse and Casa montecristo. I kick myself for not checking out the Nat Sherman place. It was more near to the local hotel I was at. Both where walking distance so I didn't mind walking a little bit. So walking to the place I notice the weather wasn't that great that day. It looked like it was going to rain and it was really cold for a Floridan used to the warm weather. So after walking for a while there I am. The outside looked beautiful! Looked like one of those old school movie theater box offices. Who knows it probably was a theater way back then? Anyways I took a good look at the front entrance just admiring the beauty of the place. So I go right inside. I don't know what cigar I want! As a novice it seems pretty intimidating seeing so many cigars to choose from. I guess intimidating in a good way. The place was tiny but beautifully luxurious. I didn't get see what drinks they carry since I was just there to pick up some cigars and return to the hotel. They had nice furniture, the atmosphere felt very welcoming and the walk in humidor was well stocked. I'm not familiar with cigar prices so i can not give much of an opinion about it. After spending 30 minutes looking over what I wanted I ended up with a tin of montecristo memories cigarillos (That review is in the other post) and one Witchdoktor Cigar. I did not get much since I was on a real tight budget on the trip. So i asked the Tobacconist there some pretty generic questions. Again being a novice had no choice but to ask haha. Asked on what the temperature should the cigars be and if they could be stored in the plastic. No worries there. The guy was super cool answered everything I needed to know. They offered to cut the cigars for me but I didn't want since I didn't end up consuming the cigars there. So it was getting dark and raining. So i put the cigars right into my backpack. And returned to the hotel with a slight delay getting lost by using the car GPS instead the walking GPS haha. This is a nice little brief review I made. Since it's early in the morning right now and cant sleep for anything. I will be making more reviews later on. Thanks for those who read this!



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Very pleasant read. I enjoyed taking your trip with you. Believe you will enjoy the Monte's. Let us know, share the love.