Chicago Area Gathering 2/23 - free coffee!


A passel of Chicago (and IL and IN and WI) regulars will be meeting at La Grange Premium Tobacco (48 S. LaGrange Road, 708-579-5101) on Friday, 2/23, starting at 5pm. The reason? It's the usual bragging, showing off, asking questions, making up answers, trading, mooching, coveting and catching up with your Brothers. Additionally, it is a HdM Excalibur 1066 event, so there are free samples (yes!), and free Mayorga coffee and discounts from the fine humidor. I personally like the place enough to get on the commuter train with the suits to visit. Please attend and make yourself known - we'll be the loud guys...


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Are there going to be any more Chicago land Herfs in the near future?I'm still waiting for my first.Dave :cool:

Matt R

That's #1 Member to you. :)
Hey Dave if you're ever downstate look me up. We herf every Saturday a.m. in Springfield.