Cigar Lighter Screw-Up

LeRoy W. Lee

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Hello. I recently received a replacement for my Peterson IM Corona-style lighter, but the striking wheel is impossible to turn and I'm getting no spark to light it. Can anyone recommend someone or place I can send it off for this seemingly easy fix. It's brand new and the seller will not take it again... Thanks & Best, LeRoy

H. Vachon

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Who sold it to you? Curious why a reputable dealer wouldn’t replace a faulty lighter. Seems like a bad business tactic. Unless you bought it third party?


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Peterson lighters come with a 5 year warranty covering manufacturers defects. If any warranty work is needed, a pre-paid shipping label will be sent to you and the lighter is shipped to California for repair. Upon completion, it's shipped back to you. No cost whatsoever to the customer.
you can email them here:


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Assuming this is similar to the IM Corona Old Boy...Loosen the screw that holds the Flint against the striker wheel. If it's screwed down all the way on a new flint, that might bind it up making it difficult to spin the wheel.