Cigar Repair Glue - Fixes problems


Old School Longboard Surfer
Well several months ago I got this tiny bottle of some Cigar "Super Dooper" Repair Glue, this is not the typical D.Y.I. Fix - it stuff.

It was apprently invented by the same Cigar lover, who came up with the PerfecDraw Cigar Tool, it called PerfecRepair. It is different than the othe stuff on the market.

1. It has some stainless steel ball in the bottle, that you hear when you shake. Why this food grease glue, also has some food grade hair, or fibers in the bottle. That accumulate in the bottom of the bottle, so the stainless ball help it all becomes a solution when shake before using. The food grad fibers make it work better then my DYI Pectin mix.

2. It does not dry clear, I mention as in the demo video, you never see the end result. But dries kind of milky color. But it will & does fix an unraveling wrapper, pin hole, or split. The product cost under $9.00 for a bottle, but you after shaking only use a small amount.

3. In 90 days plus our using the product the bottle still look full, as I use it sparingly. Little goes a long way, and I have repaired maybe 10 Cigars saving them from the trash can.

4. If you web-search PefecRepair you should find the product, demonstration video, and last how to order. Same web-site as the PerfecDraw Cigar Tool.

Last I will say if I am not really sold on how great a product is I will never tell other, as I hate people being mad at me.


"Si Vis Pacem, Para Bellum."
A ball in the bottle? Sounds like quality nail polish actually! Sounds like I need to get some. I have a Cuban H. Uppman that is severely damaged but I can't bring myself to throw it since it was a gift. I have hopes it can be fixed .


Old School Longboard Surfer
Actually it is like Four Stainless Balls, and IMHO the product is like a bullet proof vest, nice to have if the need arises.

Wishing you had it when you need it.


Hey Surf, I read your review of the PerfecDraw tool and this. Are you affiliated with the company?


Old School Longboard Surfer
Zero affiliation with the the company, just recommending something that works as advertised. I will say it again, both products are something I would by again, both are priced fair, both do as advertised.