Cohiba Lancero '01


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My Mom was coming in from Florida today for a week visit, supposed to be here around 4:30 - 5:00 pm. Since it was only around 3:00 pm, I had plenty of time for a smoke. I decided on the Cohiba Lancero I received in the I Need A Distraction Pass this past week. Very nice construction, golden wrapper with only slight oil showing. Cap had a small pigtail and very nice bunching in the small foot.

I punched the head with my Swiss Army and toasted the foot. First draw was immediately full bodied and delicious! Smooth and sweet. A bit of leather, hints of cedar, and a very nice twang in there. Almost like very sweet, deep dark red fruit. Oh and the creaminess that just flowed from the smoke further in. Smooooth and creamy.

Can you tell the 'ol girl was enjoying the afternoon as well? I swear she had a smile on her face. Must be smelling the Cohiba. :laugh:

So here I am, thoroughly enjoying this excellent smoke, when here comes my Mom pulling up. Wellll she's just a tad early. But, no matter! She can visit outside for a bit while I finish. :D She strolls over and the next thing I knew...

"Mom! Gimme back my Cohiba!" :laugh: She doesn't smoke, just wanted to have a go at it. Eh, didn't really care for it either. :D So I continue on, and I have to say the lancero ended as excellent as it started. Deliciously smooth, creamy, and full of flavor.



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Great review! :thumbs: This is probably one of my top few ISO sticks. (if anyone knows where I could pick up one or two... :whistling: ) I just love the lancero size...

BTW, x2 on the stunning photos!
Very nice, you are lucky to have a Cohiba Lancero from 01. I've been trying to find some of these aged, I love em.

Thanks for review and pictures, very nice.


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Dude, your mom is hotttt! :laugh:

I had one of these about a month ago, and was all set to do a review on it too.

Damn draw was so tight, affecting the flavor.........I could not think of much positive to say about it.

Glad you enjoyed yours.


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Thanks for the review. This is still one of the best cigars I've smoked. Not an '01 ('05 if I recall) but one tasty smoke. For some reason your pics make me want to grab a smoke. ;)


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Nice review, Greg. :thumbs:

I've only had experience with one Cohiba and it was the Siglo I. It was the best smoke I have ever had.
Nice, very nice. Your review was top notch. This is one Cohiba I haven't had yet but is now on the top of my list to buy. Thanks.



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I'm glad you enjoyed it Greg. I've thuroughly enjoyed dipping into that box. CLE Nov 01 for those wondering.