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College Bowl Pick-em League/Contest YEAR 3


Well-Known Member
Mar 9, 2009
Well it is that exciting time again!!  Bowl season is around the corner and as usual we have controversy....
Bowl schedules are *NOW set!  Get signed up, pick your teams, PM m your info.....  If you do not know how it works, please see the link below to last years thread.
It is a confidence points system, you pick the winner of each bowl and then assign it a number 1-35.  Team/player with most points wins.
3 sticks entry, $8 minimum on stick value. First and second place win sticks with first sending something to the biggest loser. If we get more players this year we may add a third place winner.  You can enter a max of two entries. Open to all CP members, no asshats though as decided by the community.
Once everyone signs up we will all be on the honor system. I will assign who ships to whom once the winners are announced.
If you want two entries, that just means twice the cigar entries.
The honor system worked the last TWO years, we will do the same this year, do not screw it up!
Head over to Yahoo to sign up as soon as you can, Bowl games start the December 21st.  I have sent emails to last years players with links to sign up.
Group Name:
CP Picks CF BCS BS 3.0
(please note, no space in this years password)

Post questions here.  NEW this year, I am asking that once you sign up on Yahoo, please post here that you are in, and please pm me your Teams name, your CP name, your "real" name and your email and lastly, your address.  It was a pain last year with out all of this up front and will help me keep this organized this year.
This is alot of fun, in College ANYthing can happen, there is no sure thing (insert bama joke here)!  Hope you can play!!
TEAMs as of 12/16/13;
Schmidt Heads Picks - Info PMed
The Green Mondey - Info PMed
Stathaldols picks - info PMed
Franks first-class pick set - Info PMed
Brickhouses picks - Info PMed
Melissa's Nice pick set - Info PMed
Tall Paul - Info PMed
Gig'em Aggues - Info PMed
Sims - Info PMed
Thinde - Info PMed
Bowl Games are set!!  Some Bullsh*t rankings, but not much you can do with a F8cked up system.
Get signed up asap and PM me your info please!  AND then make sure you set picks; Games start the 21st.
Picks made!  I really don't have much knowledge this year, but I figure it's mostly luck anyway!
First post updated!  (**** If you signed up, PM me your info asap: CP handle, Pick set name, real name and addy.)
CP, we need at least 1 more player, but lets get 3!!  This can make a long bowl season alot more fun to watch!  Fantasy Football is over for alot of us ( :(  )  so this is the next best thing.
If (when) we get 10 players, payout is: 1st - 21 cigars, 2nd - 9 cigars, last place gets a gift from 1st....cigar/college related or what ever you can come up with.
If we get 12 players, payout is: 1st - 21 cigars, 2nd - 12 cigars, 3rd - 3 cigars (essentially keep your put in), same rule then applies to last place.
If we get 12 players I am open to the concept of still only paying out 1st and 2nd; I'd leave that up to a vote here....
I'm in. I might as well have blindfolded myself and thrown darts at the board but hey, I'm feeling lucky this morning!
thinde said:
I'm in. I might as well have blindfolded myself and thrown darts at the board but hey, I'm feeling lucky this morning!
Tom that's how I feel every year I have done this.
Off to yet another screaming start this year. 0-4 I'm half tempted to go through and change all my games from what they are set at now...  :laugh:
As for the Washington St. game I put it on at the start of the second half not realizing who I had and was quite excited at the way CO was making a comeback I was pretty damn pumped for them when the pulled out that win. Then I pulled up my picks and immediately was bummed...LOL
Eastern Carolina came through, although I thought they were going to give it away in the second half.