Considering selling my Aristocrat

First, i don't know if there's even a used market for them. Second, I don't know what it would sell for. Third, what the hell will i do with all the sticks. I'm building a new house and I just won't have the room for this like I did before. Thoughts? Since I've had kids, who are now 3 and almost 5 my smoking has nose dived. i just don't have the time to give.

I mean you don't just sell something this big unless its local.
Extra drawer, 2/3 glass door, glass top. It was every bit of 3500 new.

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Shoot me a price, and the specs on it.
I'll post it to my local group on WhatsApp.
Ok, i'll have to find the specs. She's been a trusty friend for 9 years. I'm pretty sure its 42" tall, double drawer, glass top. its a dark red mahogany stain with an umber undercoat so its not so red. No idea what its worth, I'll poke around the internet and see what i find. Its in League City, south of Houston


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Hope you don't regret selling your Aristocrat. I've had mine just over a decade, and it's one of the "extravagant" purchases I've had zero regrets about making. As was said, coolers with some beads in them will store your cigars perfectly....which is what I had before Bob built me the custom I have here. Good luck with the sale, I'm breathing a sigh of relief you aren't a couple hours away from me.....;)
As much as I want this, I think you should find room for it. U might not smoke a lot now, but in a few years when your kids get older u might have more time. Just keep aging those cigars. I myself took a break when my kids where young. Now that they can play and take care of themselves, I have time for aged cigars