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COVID Update


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Jul 9, 2007
For the moment you have to quarantine in Cuba for 5 days in your hotel room. No pool, no beach, they even bring your meals to you. Thought I'd take 2 cases of beer down and pass the time that way. Nope, you have to leave your bags at the airport until you pass the second test (7th day). The problem is like most lesser developed countries they do not have a vaccine. Yes, they have told the world they have a vaccine but the first 3 were failures. The 4th one (SOBERANA-2) is still in its testing stage and they may be at it for the rest of the year. Travelers going to Cuba have to take a COVID test before getting on the plane to go there. Upon landing you take another test-$35, and two days before you leave another test-$65. Oh, and you better not blow any of the two tests. That will get you a 14-day stint in some crummy hospital with no AC. My guess is that they won't have a vaccine for the locals unless they pick up the Russian version. National pride and the fact that they owe the Russkies gazillions might prevent that from happening. John
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