CP Fantasy Football 2 - 2019 Season *NEW*


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Happy July! Getting closer to finally having some Football back in our lives!

NOT demanding we set anything in stone now, but I just want to put this out there as my travel schedule from the end of this month through mid September is hell. I think the last 3 years or so we have done a Yahoo live draft the weekend of Labor Day. BUT this year I will be in Vegas that weekend! The last round of Preseason games are 8/29.
Here is our league from last year;
Golfanatic - I'm better than you
Smellysell - T.A.R.C.I.M.
ironpeddler - Ball Busting Bastard
drunkfish3 - Ice Bears *(Returning Champion)
MNBrian - Hooked on a Thielen
Tall Paul - First down Ass up!
Modo22 - Modo22
Big Jake - Tittsburgh Feelers
Nashkicker - NewYork turtle dicks
Acclaym - Team Acclaym

So 2 things;
Who is back in!?
Who can't draft when? I like to wait until preseason is over, but we could do it that night of the 29th? If Labor day weekend is the best for everyone, I could look at doing it remotely or having a stand in for me....