Dry boxing within a wineador


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Hey guys!

Recently I have gotten an excellent wineador that has helped ease my mind about keeping my cigars cool (I'm in Mississippi, so our house temps sometimes run up to 78-80). Recently, I have gotten more interested and experimented with dry boxing and I love it. However, my 'dry box' is a cigar box with a latch on the front.

Now, I have done monitoring tests with a digital hygrometer within the dry box and it remains at a constant 60-61% with the humi beads (which is where I want it). Unfortunately, the box is outside the wineador and open to temperature changes during the day. When placed within the humidor, the cigar box starts soaking up the humidity within it, so I am looking for a small humidor to take it's place.

My question, I'm wanting to get a humidor that I can place within the wineador to allow me to dry box while keeping it around the same temperature. Are the everyday humidors naturally resistant to outside humidity, or will it eventually lead to a ruined experiment and useless tabletop humidor if I place it in a wineador?

Follow up question, If not all small humidors are humidity resistant, which ones would be more reliable in this factor?


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I think it's overkill, honestly. A few days worth of above temps, isn't going to do anything dramatic to your dry box cigars.

Long term, yes. Short term, I wouldn't worry about it.