Faux Humidor pt. 2


A Freudian Slip in progress
Well, My rommie is dead. I think w/ all the bombing I've read about on this site someone got him. :D

Actually we talked and he will do my laundry for the rest of the sem. and he bought me a new humidor.

Only prob. there is no humidity reader inside (the orig. was stepped on).
As I am eager to get my sticks to their new home I filled up the humidifier and put a shot glass of 50/50 inside the box (as per instructions).

Now, without a humidity checker, how will I know when my humidifier has been properly humidified and my sticks can once again return home?



The biggest pair you have ever seen!
Send me your addy, I have a few extra hydrometers layin' around! ;)