Fuente fuente opus forbidden x 2016


Forehead wrinkle king
Mar 3, 2018
@CBoukal was a gent and sent me this to try. One of y’all gonna have to help me out on the name for this sucker. Smells of slight sweetness, some chocolate with a hint of coffee. 3DAB3AE8-075D-4786-8558-7BAAD1D37513.jpeg
First third starts off with medium strength. Some pepper on retrohale with earth, some cream, little bit of thay sweetness at the end. Great construction so far on this. Same flavors on retrohale with a little bit of baked bread I think. 4589B5DF-DDD1-44D1-AF35-6373CBB9DB80.jpeg
Second third and the flavors of the cream and earth picked up a bit and the sweetness is gone. Little hint of coffee bearing the end. Strength is up to Med-full

Last third the flavors are dying down a bit and a strong tobacco flavor is coming through. Had to recut it to make sure I wasn’t lapping up oils.

Overall great experience and great cigar. I really appreciate this opportunity buddy. I do wish it had more flavor change or at least backed off in the last third with the tobacco flavor, but great overall. Wouldn’t get a box but would grab a 5’r


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