Secret Santa

CEO, North Pole Inc.
Ho ho ho! Hi GOLFGAR, my little boy. I heard you have been a good boy this year! What is on your list for Santa?


Love this place...
I hear he loves swisher sweets, the ones with the tips :)

Treat him right Santa...


Bueller.... Bueller...... Anyone....... Anyone?
Any tip over 20%. I have a feeling if you like it I will as well. No berry though.


Bueller.... Bueller...... Anyone....... Anyone?
Hey not so secret Santa, I picked up the package from my neighbor yesterday and wanted to let you know the stellar package arrived safe and sound. Really nice selection of sticks with great age, I'm humbled. I just smoked one of the big one you sent me so now I have BACKUP, thank you very much!

Just saw this with my daughter the other day..........mentioned BACKUP LOL.