Got free tickets to a Diamondbacks game...

Kid Montana

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So I got up to three tickets to the Diamondbacks/Giants game on [Edit August 4th at Chase Field in Phoenix, AZ and am looking for one or two people to share them with. Since I'm new to Phoenix, what a better way to meet BOTLs and also watch some baseball, right?

The game starts at [edit: 5pm] but as part of the free tickets, the sales guy who set up the free tickets will be meeting us at [edit: 2pm] to get a tour of the stadium, and we get to go down on the field, check out the dugout... its gonna be awesome. The tour of course will include a sales pitch for season tickets/ticket packages, the whole reason for the free tickets. If you're a regular on the forum here and wouldn't mind meeting up with a member IRL, maybe smoking a cigar together at some point and catching a game, message below.
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