Guide: How to salt test / calibrate your hygrometer


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It needs more pictures!!! How about one of you putting water on the salt or soaking the water up with the paper towel. :p

I was going to test mine tonight so this helps save me time searching. Thanks for putting this up Rod.


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Does it matter where you put it. I'm doing mine now an put it back in the humi. Is this bad?

Sorry for the delay, I just now saw this message now. Assuming your humidor is of the desktop persuasion, it's best to stick it to the underside of the lid. I always try to put the hygrometer somewhere in the middle of the humidor. Hope this helps...


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Here's my test today...
Just put in the bag...

4 hours of being in bag....

The black box is an eight cigar holder with built in hygrometer and such, from cigarsolutions I believe.
Kevin, that it a great idea. I'm yanking out all of my hygrometers and checking them together...including the travel humi's like you have there. Should have thought of that myself. :thumbs:


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Thanks Rod, just finished that, wife took off with the camera so here's the results written.

The travel hygrometer was most accurate at 76%

The white one was next at 72%

No. 1 black was 67%

No. 2 black was 69%

No. 3 black was 66%

No. 4 black was 71%

Now maybe I can get the clock'idor better regulated! Thanks for the tutorial!!!!!!!!!

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Any questions just let me know. I've done it a few times. I followed the instructions here and it went great.
Thanks, Dave! I woke up this morning and was a little disappointed to see that it's only reading 46%. I put my hygrometer in the bag about 10 hrs. ago and at that time it was reading 39%. What does this tell me? Do I need a new hygrometer?

Jeffrey L.

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Is it digital?

If so, when were the batteries last changed?

How was the seal on the bag?
Yeah, it is digital. As far as the battery, I'm getting a new one today and then re-testing it.

On a different note, I tested that new Xikar I got at TTR yesterday, it's been in the bag (double lock Ziploc) for 12 hours and it's reading 54%. Should I adjust it from there, or leave it in longer?

Jeffrey L.


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Salt Test Calibration Instructions:
The rectangular digital hygrometer can be calibrated using the salt test calibration. To calibrate fill a plastic soda cap with plain table salt. Add just enough water to make the salt wet, but not so much that water stands on top of the salt. Place a zip lock bag flat on a flat surface. Place the salt filled cap inside the bag with the hygrometer. Seal the bag and wait 4 hours. After 4 hours have passed, push and hold the calibrate button until the hygrometer resets itself to 75%. Once the hygrometer has reset, remove it from the zip lock bag. The hygrometer is now calibrated!