HC/Cohiba Union Atmosphere and all...


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Hello all. Hope all is well. I have some rums in (updated 6/17/20). No gars til August, they just pushed the date back again:

In 500 ml bottles:
La Giraldilla La Habana 500 Aniversario-$15 or 2/$25

700 ML bottles:
HC/Cohiba Union Atmosphere-$300 with wood display case


Cuba: The Legend of Rum (Havana Club Collection)-$20
ISBN 29508696, Printed in France, written in English. Discusses history of rum, Hemingway and other known rum experts over the years. Traditional rum recepies: Cuba Libre, Daiquiri, Mojito etc. Lists famous rum houses in Cuba and the world, a section is dedicated to rum and habanos pairings. A great coffee table book and source of information. 100 pages, measures 11 1/2" X 8" X 1/2". It is from a series of books printed by Havana Club, probably from the 90's but it is in mint condition.

I can add singles, 5/10 packs to any of the above listed. Thanks all, John20191126_192225.jpg
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