Help! Looking for advise on these old sticks


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So here is a little background on these sticks. I received them from a friend of a friend situation... Basically they were owned by an ex of a friend of a friend. Anyhow they were giving to me... The box was almost full with a dried up bovenda pack inside. I have no idea how long they were unkempt. With that said, I cannot seem to find much on these and I was wondering if they are even worth messing with? They have been in a tuppador for a month or so, since I took possession... Would love to here opinions on these and would also like to send some out for anyone that would be willing to try them and see if they are worth smoking or if they just need to be thrown away... I smoked one and although it did seem to burn well, I am not sure if there was anything to it.

Well .... they're not a famous line, to my knowledge, so they may be a "drugstore brand" in the first place. You can assess damage by sacrificing one---roll it gently between your thumb & fingers next to your ear to see if it crackles. Try lighting it and see if it flares up like tinder. These things will tell you how dried out they've gotten.

If you want to try to bring them back do it slowly. Start with the lowest rH Boveda and maybe only one of them. Add a second in a few days. A few days later bump the rH up a step. Chances are you can get them smokeable, but if they've been dried out awhile, they've probably lost a chunk of their essential oils and will never be at their former best again.



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Thanks Boar, that’s what I needed to hear... I hadn’t heard of them before so I didn’t want to just throw them out without confirmation that they weren’t some long lost rare find, LOL... I did exactly what you described with bringing them back slowly and they do smoke well but I think they have lost most of their oils and probably aren’t worth smoking... I will smoke another and see what I think but they will probably find their way to the trashcan...
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Sticks that get bone dry can be re-hydrated, but you will never recover the oils that make them taste good. Oils will crystallize out of the tobacco, and when they're gone, they're gone.

No harm in smoking one to see what you think. As always, the saying "...smoke what you like, like what you smoke..." applies here.

Good luck - !!