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Does anyone here plant an herb garden? My plan is to put some in pots this on the deck to have some fresh organic herbs rather than buy the overpriced no so fresh junk from the store. It has been a while for me and actually its a bit late around here but some basil, rosemary, thyme, sage and some parsley. They should be fairly easy to grow in pots, but if anyone has any helpful tips I'm all ears.


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Basil also needs a fairly large pot to do well.

The old whiskey half barrels work great for basil.


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We've had verious sizes of vegetable and herb gardens for over 30 years. Read the plant requirements (as far as sun, shade, water and soil types) for your planting zone. Like most thing, it ain't rocket science. Basil is one our favorites. We plant upwards of 8 plants each year. Pick it for motz and tomatoes on a weekly basis and as available pick enough for a batch of pesto. Thyme, rosemary, parsley, sage and oregano are all available spring through late fall. If you like to cook you need your own herb garden.


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I've been growing them on the deck in pots for years, costs about $30 to replant every spring vs. messing with storebought. I put basil, parsley and chives in bigger pots because of their size and I use way more of those. I'll plant basil twice....once early in the season and again closer to summer because I'm too lazy to manage/trim them once they start bolting. I've tried a ton of different herbs over the years and now just stick to the basics. I never mess with cilantro or dill anymore, especially cilantro, because it goes to seed insanely quickly and is always super cheap at the store.


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Right now we just have a couple mint plants for mojitos :D but when we have more space when we move, we plan to grow a full herb and vegetable garden. I just remember that you don't want to pick the herbs when it flowers/gets too old otherwise it tastes bitter.